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Build their levels of resilience
. That all said, personally our greatest success story is the everyday feedback we get, when a single person has reported that they are less stressed, and happier because of the tools we have provided. Why was the business created and when?? The business idea for MyMindPal started over 7 years ago, when myself and lifelong friend Khody Damestani decided that something had to be done about the increase in society driven levels, and the decline in the population?s overall health behaviour. 
Create more positive thinking styles. To build on resilience levels, which help deal with life?s setbacks. We then needed the support of socially responsible organisations in order to work together, and help to create a population that thrives. Therefore, we knew that the key would be to help people make positive health behaviour changes at an individual level. To learn to live in the present moment with acceptance and without judgement. Learn to live in the present moment. We also believe that emotional wellbeing begins at home. Instead it will always evolve as society and technology changes, and new challenges and opportunities present themselves. Reduce and anxiety levels in the moment they occur. To create healthier daily habits and routines. Modern day problems need fresh solutions, and we are busy working on content that addresses a number of emotional wellbeing impact factors.Welcome to MyMindPal ? Emotional Wellbeing For Everyone! is a web based digital platform that helps your people and your organisation to thrive on a daily basis by enabling individuals to: Reduce their stress levels. If you would like to learn more about MyMindPal, have a read of our Q&A with Co-Founder, Jason Blyth, below. We want to extend our offering by giving access to the families, and loved ones of the employees we support. Our work will never be done. What is your greatest success story? We have gained a number of celebrity ambassadors for MyMindPal, and we are working with large organisations in both the public and private sector. What are the benefits of the products? The main benefits of MyMindPal are to help people with the following: Increase the frequency and intensity of positive thoughts. What is the big aim of the company? We believe every employee deserves emotional support, and it is our job to make MyMindPal accessible to everyone. We are currently developing tools that support insufficient quality, exercise motivation and managing emotionally driven eating habits. This involves making the platform commercially viable for all types and size of businesses

A lack of sleep can have a knock-on effect on mood, , concentration and your physical health. The bright light that screens emit can block the production of the chemical melatonin that helps you fall asleep and stay asleep. Therefore, it?s important for people to prioritise getting good quality sleep in order to live a healthy life. Therefore, once the effects of alcohol wear off, you may wake up and have trouble getting back to sleep. However, alcohol before bed can be problematic. Many people don?t realise the extent of items that contain caffeine. ? Work related stress Almost one in eight office-based staff work on average 20. When you go to bed and wake up at different hours, you disturb your Circadian Rhythm, which is a 24-hour internal clock that is running in the background of your brain and cycles between sleepiness and alertness at regular intervals. Limit your screen time before bed and make sure you don?t take your devices to bed with you, in order to have a healthy night?s sleep. It is in chocolate, ice cream, frozen yoghurts, breakfast cereals, pudding, hot chocolate and headache remedies. Eating a large meal near bedtime may cause heartburn symptoms when you lie down that can make you uncomfortable. It is a stimulant that can keep you awake for hours. can cause employees to work beyond their contracted hours as they have so much to do, and they feel it is the only way to catch up. Caffeine takes around six hours for just half of the caffeine that you drink to disappear from your body. If you are feeling really peckish, try a bowl of cereal with milk or cheese and crackers. Ignore your caffeine cravings You may think that having a coffee after dinner won?t affect your sleep, but it will.4 hours beyond their contracted hours each month, weakening their productivity and wellbeing. ?Skip late night snacks Eating a big meal just before bed could leave you tossing and turning as your body works to digest it. Consuming too close to bed can affect your sleep, so it?s important to watch what and when you eat. Pulling all-nighters on weekdays and then sleeping all weekend, is very disruptive to your sleep pattern. Alcohol can make you feel too drowsy and causes you to fall asleep earlier than you normally would, which actually fragments the stages of your sleep and makes it more disrupted as the alcohol wears off.More than one in four employees feel exhausted on a daily basis lack of healthy sleep, and 42% of UK workers have lost sleep as a result of workplace . Sleep is vital to reducing our risk of health conditions as it?s during sleep that our bodies have time to heal and repair, however, a multitude of lifestyle factors can impact the quality and duration of sleep you have. New research from Sealy UK has highlighted that 64% of Brits say that their working life has been negatively impacted by a . Read more: ?Ditch electronic devices before bed Electronics in the bedroom can distract you from sleeping and those gadgets may actually keep you awake. No more nightcaps Having a glass of wine in the evening may help you to relax after a long day at work, and alcohol may help you to fall asleep quicker. Try to set boundaries, and avoid working late if you can, as it?s important to get sufficient sleep each night. These foods are rich in minerals, which will help you sleep. One in five have called upon employers for a designated nap time during working hours

Healthy fats & oils are still part of our balanced diets ? maybe think about snacking on a handful of nuts or add avocado to your salad or sandwich. However, the best way to ensure what we are eating is healthy is to make it ourselves. If you are stuck for healthy lunches ideas for work, a quick online search can help inspire you. Buy something that looks nice, is practical and will be long lasting. You won?t feel the need to use a vending machine or pop to the corner shop for a bag of crisps that way! Read more:? Team up with colleagues Everyone in an ideal world, would like a better lunch routine. ? Whatever you do, make sure you enjoy your healthy lunches for work and don?t panic about set backs. Not only will a nice lunch set encourage you to use it, it will save the upset of a squashed sandwich at the bottom of your handbag. Be creative There is nothing worse, than opening your lunch box and seeing the same sandwich you?ve made every single day for the past two weeks. Create a balance Make sure that when you are making your lunches, you are including the right amounts of . Not only will writing a list encourage you to stick to buying only the essentials, it gives you a good chance to staying on plan for the week. There is no need, with planning, organisation and a fantastic lunch box, take the time to enjoy what you have prepared for yourself and really take the time away from your desk to not think about what tasks you have ahead of you. This can help you see what options you have each day quickly and easily, but it also allows you to see what needs to be replenished on the next shop, so that you never run out. Perhaps find a couple of colleagues who would also like to make a change to their lunch habits and suggest that once a week you all club together to make a combined lunch ? someone make a salad bowl, someone else brings in some healthy wraps, and another person brings in some fresh fruit. Buy nuts, dried fruit and other healthy office snack?options in bulk, and then divide them up into smaller portions that are easy to grab on your way out of the front door.. Plan for your snacks in advance, and you?re less likely to snack on the ?wrong? thing. Gear up for healthy office lunch Go and spend a little bit of money, on good quality tubs, zip-lock bags, a foil lined lunchbox, and a drinks bottle that will only be used for your lunches at work and nothing else. Relax and enjoy your lunch The biggest mistake we make, is that we over our lunch. Not only will it ensure you are eating a healthy office lunch, it will give you time away from your desks and a chance to eat lunch with your colleagues. Be creative, and try something different healthy meals for work. Try a salad one day, a sandwich the next or maybe a homemade soup you could warm up another day? Don?t be afraid to treat yourself with a couple of squares of dark chocolate every now and then. Use leftovers When cooking your evening meal, double up on a few areas of your meal and reinvent the ingredients for a tasty exciting lunch! Maybe add roasted vegetables into your salad, or a bit of last night?s gammon into a tasty wrap. Read more: Organise yourself Once you have bought everything you want for your week?s lunch ? create an area in your fridge and cupboard that is only for your healthy office lunch. Plan your lunches Once a week, sit and write your shopping list for the upcoming week with your evening meal ingredients, and then add your lunch plans.Preparing healthy office lunch can become a bit of a chore, especially when you have to get up at silly o?clock in the morning or spend an hour or so trying to think of something to take to work. For example, you should pack a portion of fresh fruit/veg, whole grains, dairy and proteins. Plan your snacks Lunch is important, but snacking is too. Most of us end up not worrying about it and dashing out to the shop in the hope something yummy might be on the shelf

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